Make It Efficient: 5 Pinpoint Introduction Templates

First impression is how the other side perceives you — that’s why making a good one is highly important when it comes to doing business. The business world can be hard and unforgiving therefore, knowing the right people can help us move ourselves and our business ideas forward.

Making new connections can feel like a huge burden on some people, and here are some reoccurring issues we found:

Unclear intentions

Using wrong words

Not enough\ too much information

Let us show you a better way to introduce yourself online

These are the 4 foundation points of introduction messages:

1. Personalization is a good place to start, adding a personal touch can change the whole picture.

2. Being direct will save both sides time and will lead to a successful first impression

3. Adding an incentive to your message will definitely capture the attention of the recipients

4. Mutual connections can help ease the process of getting to know a new business associate

Here are 5 templates to make your life easier

1. Direct outreach

Incentive: minimum words maximum outcome

2. Need your Feedback

Incentive: grooming a new connection from a constructive opinion

3. Solving Challenges Together

Incentive: getting to know someone through a problem and solving it together can make a strong connection

4. 3 rd Party Referral

Incentive: being the mediator

5. Valued introduction

Incentive: connecting through valued proposition



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